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2019/2020 SoCal Racing Series Reaches Half-Way Point

We’re half-way through the 2019/2020 SoCal Racing Series this week as we head into the long running Hal Rosoff Classic at the Newport  Aquatic Center next weekend. Paddlers have enjoyed some epic conditions so far going back to the beginning of the series in Newport Beach last October. La Jolla in November never disappoints and as usual, there were sunny and semi-warm conditions for the annual Hanohano Ocean Challenge in late January. Paddlers beware, winter has returned in February with high winds, cold air, and water temperatures icy enough to add a little extra motivation not to capsize your paddlecraft! 

If you haven’t made it out to an event yet you definitely should avail yourself of the opportunity. Entry fees are low (typically around $30 with the exception of the Wild Buffalo Channel Crossing at the end of the series). Most importantly, camaraderie among paddlers is always high, so if you are looking to expand your network and get involved with the West Coast paddling community, the SoCal Racing series is the place to be.

Here’s a quick look at what’s on tap for the remainder of the series.

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