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California Paddling Events This Spring You Don’t Want to Miss!

Each spring the paddling scene in California seems to take off. There is a convergence of seasons as the SoCal Ocean Racing Series tapers off into the club OC-6 Iron season. There are also always a sprinkling of independent paddling events, i.e. those not part of a broader series, that dot the calendar from March through May. Here’s a rundown of what’s on our radar. There’s a little something for everyone from new paddlers to veterans. Registration for most events can be accomplished via PaddleGuru.

Looking forward to seeing you at an event or two!

  1. March 7th: 101 Surf Sports Paddle Race San Rafael SR4 2020

  2. March 8th: Vaikobi Demo Day at the NAC

  3. March 8th: Long Beach Outrigger Wake Riding Championship

  4. March 15th: 10th Annual Adler Paddler

  5. March 15th: Oceans Prone Paddle Race 1 • 2020

  6. March 21st: 101 Surf Sports Paddle Race Redwood City RWC4 2020

  7. March 21st: Dana Ocean Challenge 2020

  8. March 26th – 29th: Santa Cruz Paddle Fest 2020

  9. March 28th: Malibu 2 Marina Championship Race 2020

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  1. April 4th: Silver Blade International Regatta 2020

  2. April 4th: Tax Relief Race 2020

  3. April 5th: Wild Buffalo Race Presented by Puakea Designs 2020

  4. April 25th: San Diego Shaka Fest 2020

  5. May 2nd: Malibu Downwinder

  6. May 9th: Crystal Pier (OC-6 only)

  7. May 10th: The Loop

  8. May 16th: Rig Run (OC-6 only)

  9. May 24th: California River Quest 2020

  10. May 30th: Kahanamoku Klassic (OC-6 only)

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