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Coastal Cleanup in Marina del Rey - September 18, 2021

marina del rey, sailboat, paddlexaminer
Marina del Rey. Photo by Benoit Debaix on Unsplash

Registration is required for this event please follow the instructions below.

Prizes for top three trash collectors and a raffle for participants. Sponsors include: Marina Del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club, Puakea Designs, Ozone SoCal, Kindhumans, Kokua Trading Co., Trash Tramp, and Cali Paddler.

How to register

  1. Go to link:

  2. Select the Green register button

  3. Scroll to:

  4. Marina Beach - Mothers Beach - On Water

  5. Free

  6. Sep 18, 2021

  7. Contact | Say Craig | Location| Mothers Beach 14031 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey 90292

If you would like to help with set up and organizing, contact Say Craig at


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