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Gear Review: GlideSoul Wetsuits – Fun, Flirty and Functional

GlideSoul wetsuits bring a splash of color to the lineup

My love affair with the ocean began some twenty years ago, the moment I was old enough to comprehend the immensity of its glory. A decade ago, I got my first wetsuit and my summer fling became a year-round affair. With the changing seasons and passing of time, swells came and went and I cycled through a number of wetsuits, but my passion for the ocean remained strong.

Like nearly every other face in the lineup, every wetsuit I’ve ever owned has been black. I’ve searched for more colorful and exciting suits and have found a few, but in the end fit and functionality won out over aesthetic appeal.

That was until I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon a photo of the queen of style, Izzi Gomez, wearing a stunning neoprene number. The label on the suit read: Glidesoul.

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Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

GlideSoul is a UK company, based out of London, that manufactures fun and functional waterwear for active women in every discipline of water sport. Their mission is to “liberate women from putting on the same wetsuit day after day, and give you choices as endlessly vibrant and exciting as you are. You can pick the perfect outfit to express who you are, so you can light up your city and color the ocean.”

I picked up a full-length suit a couple months ago and am happy to announce that it is hands-down my favorite suit I have ever owned. It fits like a glove and is super comfy and flexible, making it the ideal suit for winter SUP surfing sessions. The color scheme is bright and fun, allowing my personality to shine through upon first glance. I’ve received comments and compliments each time I’ve paddled out, bringing a smile to my face as I add a splash of color to a sea of black.

Due to the fact that GlideSoul is a UK company, sizing is a little different from U.S. companies. For reference, I’m 5’7, 125 pounds (typically size 8) and a size Small fits me perfectly.

In addition to full-length wetsuits, GlideSoul makes spring suits, jackets, vests, leggings, crop tops, and swimsuits, all cute, colorful and perfect for paddling. The full-suits don’t come with a key pocket, so hopefully in the future they’ll make that addition to their suits.

All in all, GlideSoul is a great company that produces high-quality suits that are fun and functional, allowing you to be comfortable and confident both on and off the water.

Visit us.glidesoul.com.en to learn more about this vibrant brand from across the pond.

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