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Gear Review: Orange Mud Ultraflask

The Orange Mud Ultraflask is a soft flask which will conform to fit inside a pocket on your PFD. Available in three sizes: 450 ml, 500 ml and 600 ml, there is an option to suit most scenarios where you want to carry a bit of water, but don’t necessarily need to carry a 1 L, or larger, hydration pack. The Ultraflask has a wide mouth screw top for easy filling (dropping in an ice cube or two is easily accomplished) and a removable 10 cm (4 in) drinking straw with a bite valve on top.

Our Take

It is not often that I feel a genuine sense of excitement about a product. The Orange Mud Ultraflask is one of those times. I picked up a 500 ml model from On the Water 360 in January to use in conjunction with my Mocke Flow PFD while surfski paddling. The Ultraflask fits perfectly in the front pouch of the Mocke PFD and I’ve found 500 ml is a perfect amount of water to carry during my regular evening paddling sessions after work.


  • It is quick and easy to fill the flask and slide it into place.

  • The soft construction eliminates water sloshing around as the bottle naturally collapses as you consume water while paddling.

  • The firm drinking straw is simple to use and eliminates the need to deal with the floppy drink tube on a traditional hydration pack.

  • Simple to use and easy to maintain.

orange mud ultraflask, paddlexaminer, shelta hat, mocke flow pfd, paddling, surfski
The Orange Mud Ultraflask fits nicely in the front pocket of my Mocke PFD.

I’m a convert and will very likely only revert to carrying a hydration bladder in my PFD for times when I’m spending more than 1.5 hours on the water. If you’re looking for a simple hydration solution I strongly recommend adding an Orange Mud Ultraflask to your gear bag.

Have fun and we’ll see you on the water!


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