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Gear Review: Vaikobi UV Paddling Pants and Long Sleeved Top

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Vaikobi’s UV paddling pants and long sleeved top are lightweight, warm to hot weather paddling gear designed to aid paddlers regulate their body temperature and remain cool. Made from Vaikobi’s unique featherlight and breathable spandex/polyester fabric, the paddling pants and top improve your body’s circulation while protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  • The pants are outfitted with a 1mm padded seat for comfort while seated in your boat and are secured at the waist with a comfortable and non-obtrusive drawstring.

  • The long sleeved top is ergonomically designed with an aggressive athletic fit.

Our Take

Vaikobi’s UV paddling pants and long sleeved top are my go to gear when I’m paddling a hot and flat surfski session. With the summer heatwave across the western United States delivering record breaking temperatures, these two items have kept me on the water and allowed me to get the most out of my workouts. To say that these items are featherlight is almost an understatement, prepare to be impressed.

The pants allow surfski paddlers to attain full rotation and the long sleeved UV top keeps me cool, even when wearing my life jacket on a hot summer day. The top has the added benefit of coming in three colors: 1) Orange (hi-vis and my personal favorite), 2) Cyan, and 3) Silver.

Prior to taking up surfski this past year, I wore the Vaikobi UV paddling pants and long sleeved top during numerous long distance OC-6 races, including multiple Catalina channel crossings. Both items have held up without a blemish or degradation to their performance for several years of repeated use.

Ideally suited for surfski, outrigger, dragonboat, SUP, and rowing.


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