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Harbor Hoot Energized the Standup Paddling Community in Southern California

The first annual Harbor Hoot kicked off Saturday, October 12, 2019 in scenic Dana Point Harbor. Organized by veteran standup paddler Anthony Vela of Performance Paddling, the event welcomed paddlers of all ages and abilities to one of standup paddling’s most treasured locations. The Harbor Hoot featured three main events, with a little something for everyone. The 3k Channel Scoot tested paddlers stamina down the main channel along the harbor, while the 1k Harbor Hustle served up a snappy warm up before the lively 1k Baby Beach Bolt – a four paddler relay event.

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The first standup paddling competitions took place in Dana Point a little over a decade ago. Dana Point Harbor is widely considered to be one of the best places in Southern California for beginner paddlers to experience the sport of standup paddling and approximately 20 percent of participants at the 2019 Harbor Hoot were reportedly attending their first paddling event. 

Promote recreation, education, training, and safety in standup paddling within the Dana Point Harbor. Mission Statement – 2019 Harbor Hoot

Entry fees at the Harbor Hoot were just $30, parking was free, and the event even had a process for new paddlers to rent a SUP race board. Lunch, included in every paddler’s entry fee, was served on site courtesy of Board & Brew. PaddleXaminer’s good friends from OnIt Pro were on hand to capture all the action and by all accounts, everyone had a hoot of a good time! 

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