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It's Hal Rosoff Classic Week in California!

paddlexaminer. newport beach harbor, california
Photo by Christopher Chen on Unsplash

That’s right, the annual paddlefest returns to the Newport Aquatics Center this Saturday, February 12, 2022! The NAC is hosting four races this year and the schedule of events may have changed from years past, so be sure to confirm your plans before heading out. Here’s what is posted on the registration page on PaddleGuru:

  • Short course: approximately 4 miles | 08:00 start

  • Long course: approximately 9 miles | 09:30 start

  • Long course loop invitational: approximately 10 miles | 09:30 start

  • Board course for SUPs and paddleboards: approximately 6 miles | 09:30 start

Entry is $30 and all registered paddlers will receive a t-shirt. Life Jackets / PFDs are required for all paddlecraft, with the exception of prone paddleboards.

What is the “Loop Invitational”?

"The Loop" in Newport Harbor is a popular local course which goes something liek this: start at NAC and paddle to 18th street beach, walk your boat across the street and launch through the surf. Then continue back down the coast into Newport Harbor and back to NAC. Time will stop when you get to 18th street beach. All paddlers will marshal at the 18th street beach, cross the street, and launch through the surf together.


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