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Product Review: Naked Cookies

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Naked Cookie, oatmeal raisin, paddlexamienr, nutrition snack

Raise your hand if you've ever thought about snacking on a cookie or two. How great would it be if your craving was packed full of 10g of protein and low in carbs and sugars? Enter Naked Cookies, a new, freshly baked product offered by the originators of Naked Nutrition.

Unlike their dessert-oriented cousins, Naked Cookies are a delicious and healthy cookie which can be snack, a dessert, or a meal replacement. You decide what fits best for you on any given day.

Naked Cookies are gluten-free by virtue of being made from defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat flour. Additional highlights include:

  • 10g of protein

  • 5g of sugar or less

  • 210 calories or less

  • net carbs of 13g or less

  • available in three flavors: oatmeal raisin (my favorite), chocolate chip, and sugar

Our Take

PaddleXaminer tries a lot of nutrition products with lofty claims. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Naked Cookies is one of the few which actually delivers. The compact cookies are approximately 2 oz (57g) and are genuinely delicious! We went with the oatmeal raisin flavor for this product review and it did not disappoint. The cookie was soft and moist and left me with a satisfying sense of fulfillment. Each Naked Cookie is individually packaged so you can easily stick one in your backpack to have it ready when you finish paddling or grab one anytime of day for a fantastic healthy snack!


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