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United By Blue: A Brand on a Mission

Introducing United By Blue’s 2019 Waterway Cleanup Tour

For every product they sell, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways around the world. How significant an impact have their efforts made so far? Over the course of 256 cleanups, the Certified B Corp has removed more than 1.6 million pounds of trash and empowered more than 12,500 volunteers. That’s what we call making an impact!

Stewardship of our environment is in United By Blue’s DNA. In fact, they organized their first community cleanup the very week they sold their first t-shirt! Fast forward nine years and they are still hard at work removing old tires, gathering plastic bottles, and scooping up styrofoam fragments the shoreline. Interested in seeing United By Blue in action? Check out their 2019 Waterway Cleanup Tour and link up with the brand at a location near you.

  1. May 18 – Philadelphia, PA

  2. June 8 – Washington DC

  3. June 22 – Asheville, NC

  4. July 27 – San Francisco, CA

  5. August 24 – Jackson Hole, WY

  6. September 21 – Burlington, VT

  7. September 21 – Philadelphia, PA

  8. October 19 – Boulder, CO

  9. November 9 – Houston, TX

  10. November 23 – Philadelphia, PA

  11. December 7 – Los Angeles, CA

Learn more about United By Blue’s work to protect our environment at

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